Save Ukrainian Startups

This project intends to help Ukrainian startups that are suffering from the war to find funding and other necessary help.

map of Ukraine
river of Ukraine

In many cases, typical institutional rounds for Ukrainian startups were stopped or postponed. Startups are employing amazing people in Ukraine who are splitting their time between working and volunteering to save their country. If in these circumstances startups wouldn’t be able to pay salary, it would make the situation for those employees even worse.

We aim to match investors that are willing to help Ukrainian startups with their investment and the startups that need this money, and are willing to talk and find common ground with investors.

For startups

If you need funding right now and you have people in Ukraine, fill a form here:


For investors

If you are willing to invest in amazing Ukrainian startups, fill a form here:


For helpers and volunteers

If you can help Ukrainian startups in any way (working, partnering, introducing, relocation, hosting, etc.), fill a form here:



If you can help Ukrainian founders to raise bridge round, please submit this form to become a buddy. We will match you